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Love is for everyone

Last Thursday, Dec. 6 2012, was the first day in Washington state where same-sex couples could legally get a marriage license. And since Washington has a three-day waiting period once a license is obtained, yesterday, Dec. 9, was the first day on which same-sex couples could legally be married.

I’ve been celebrating in my head all weekend. I never realized how much this issue meant to me until Washington first passed approval for civil unions. While I was glad to see it happen, I wasn’t entirely convinced that a civil union was equivalent under the law to a marriage – I couldn’t quite believe that there weren’t some omissions or loopholes somewhere that would screw someone over at some point down the road. Now, I can feel that those loopholes and omissions have been addressed.

The rallying cry of the opponents of same-sex marriage was, “Don’t redefine marriage!” Well, I’ll tell you something: no one is redefining anything. Marriage is a partnership between two consenting, legally unencumbered adults. It’s a public commitment that those two people make, in front of friends, family, and if applicable, the Deity of their choice. It’s a contract honored by the State, granting that pair certain rights and bestowing upon them certain responsibilities. It is a confirmation that you, my espoused, are the person with whom I want to build my future, to support, to celebrate. And not one single part of that is dependent on either person’s gender.

Seattle City Hall scheduled almost 140 weddings on Sunday, with sixteen volunteer judges performing the ceremonies. Supporters crowded the steps outside cheering the newlyweds, throwing rice and confetti, waving signs of support. The Paramount theater hosted a large group reception. I wish I’d thought to go downtown myself; in lieu of that, I’ve been drinking in the articles and photo galleries.

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I hope and believe that by the time my son is ready to get married, no one will give it a second thought whether the person he marries is male or female, no matter where they choose to tie the knot. By then–and, I hope, much sooner–we won’t be calling it “same-sex marriage” anymore.

By then, we’ll just be calling it “marriage.”