Quest: successful!


Last saturday afternoon we decided to check out the KidsQuest Children’s Museum in the Factoria Mall.  It was a lot of fun, even for someone as young as our Kiddo.  While many of the exhibits are geared toward children ages 6 to 10, there are still plenty of things for smaller kids to do.

There’s a central play area called the Backyard that’s designed for children ages 0 to 3.  They have a big train table set up…

… and a slide shaped like a giant green plant.

Near the train table is a miniature kitchen.  Naturally, Kiddo gravitated toward the orange foods and dishes.

Then he went to another part of the Backyard and had fun flipping light switches on and off like he does at home.

We spent some time looking at–and through–the fish tank.  On the other side of the tank there’s a small area set up with stools, mirrors, and makeup for face painting.

After that we left the Backyard and headed to the Waterworks area.  We spent almost all of the rest of our time there playing in the Central Stream, in the Waterworks area.

He carried that orange ball around with him for the rest of the time that we were at KidsQuest, and wailed when I had to take it away.  Sorry Kiddo!  He also soaked his shirt, and I’d forgotten to bring an extra one along so I had to run out and buy him one.  I bet the OshKosh B’Gosh store across the walkway gets a lot of business from museum visitors.

It was a lot of fun, and something I plan to recommend to my local friends.  I’m sure we’ll be back many times.  I’m even mulling over the idea of having his next birthday party there–that central area for small children is a nice selling point, and there are other exhibits that would appeal to older kids as well.


Author: Jessica Wallace

I'm a wife, mother, and software engineer living near Seattle, Washington. I like doing competitive puzzle events like the MIT Mystery Hunt and The Game. I've recently started learning a bit about candymaking, much to the delight of my husband, friends, and co-workers.

5 thoughts on “Quest: successful!

  1. Looks like fun! I can’t wait to take Jack to all of these great places you are finding 🙂

  2. Emmett definitely needs Brio parts on his christmas list.

  3. Hi! Just found your blog via another (Becoming SuperMommy). I’m also a Seattlite, and have been meaning to check out KidQuest! We are far over on the west side so it’s a longer haul for us, which is why it still hasn’t happened yet. Looks awesome, though, we have got to try it SOON!

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